Great uses for Drones in the Construction Industry

Construction projects are time consuming, resource intensive and complicated.

With the latest advancements in Drone technology, more and more of the construction industry is seeing how using them can have great effects on their projects.

3D Models, orthomasic maps, elevation maps and fantastic looking marketing images and video are all available through the use of drones.


Drones are the perfect tool to quickly survey construction sites and to build maps. They make the collection of data easier and faster, allowing more time to be spent analysing the data and less time working out how to collect it.

Drones can reach locations that may be high risk or hard to access with a human crew and ultimately reducing risk.

Analysing Data

High resolution 3D models tend to use browser based technology making viewing and sharing them as easy as sending a link. It allows the client to be able to log-in, view the data and share of export it with anyone that needs it.

3D models allow clients to get a fantastic orbital view of the entire construction site which allows them to ensure that everything is progressing how it should be.

Progress Updates for Clients

Drones can be an inventive way to show the progress of construction project to the client. For clients that are unable to view the site regularly, they become an invaluable tool to provide a visual standpoint that you just don’t get from the ground.

From great looking images, to 3D modelling, the client will get the latest up to date visualisations of the project status.

Monitoring Multiple Sites

Shuttling between multiple job sites consumes a lot of time. Employing a drone to monitor the progress of the different sites saves time, energy and money.

Tasks such as ensuring that machinery is where is should be or if additional workers are required on a different site are made simple.

Inspecting Structures

Inspections of structures tends to involve lots of people and scaffolding. This can make the inspection take longer and cost more money that an aerial inspection.

No longer is there the need to clamber up onto the roof and other parts of the structure with a harness or scaffolding. The timescale is greatly reduced along with the risk elements.

Reduced Risk

Drones in construction are great for tackling areas where it may be dangerous for workers to get to. By being able to access the areas remotely, you completely remove the dangers of having to send workers to complete inspections.

Safety managers can view the data in real-time allowing decisions to be made faster. Congestion on job sites can be identified faster and hazards predicted so better informed decisions can be made.

Keeping the Project within Budget

As many project managers will know, having real-time control of a job is the most difficult to keep a handle on. The more real-time information that you have available at your fingertips, the greater the control you have over your project.

Identifying parts of a project that are falling behind will allow you correct the issue earlier before it becomes a costly one.

Moving Forward

Incorporating drones in to your workflow can help shape the next step of your business and can make things operate at a higher standard.

As drone technology and software continues to evolve, so will seeing drones buzzing around the construction site become more and more commonplace.

If you’d like to find out how you can incorporate drones in to your workplace, please contact us.

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