Aerial Inspections for Buildings & Installations

Aerial inspections using drones can help you avoid sending inspection workers up to dangerous heights and can reduce your man hours and costs.

The use of drones is picking up momentum for site surveys applied to oil and gas installations, wind farms, solar farms, masts and lines for telecommunication and broadcast.

Tall and complex structures such as oil rigs, platforms and chimney stacks present growing safety issues for operations that take place at heights coupled with unpredictable weather conditions which place demands on personnel and companies risk policies.

Industrial aerial inspections and topographical land surveys can all be carried out using our drones at Images At Altitude.



We are fully qualified and hold PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) qualifications for piloting a SUA (Small Unmanned Aircraft).


Our pilots and equipment are all insured and we hold public liability insurance of £2,000,000.


By abiding with the safety procedures set out by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), we have a 100% safety record.